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14/07/2011 - Work at Brink's

Brink's Employment Philosophy:
At Brink’s, our goal is to provide a safe, professional and diverse work environment for our customers and employees relying on our vision and strong values.

We provide a work environment where we respect each other and pursue continuous improvement.

Our employment philosophy is based on three major principles:

• Recruit and retain outstanding people
• Provide them with meaningful career development plans
• Invest in long-term partnerships

What sets Brink’s apart are our employees. We are committed to working with them to create career development plans that help fully utilize their talents and skills, and help our organization grow.

Brink's in the Indian Ocean employs more than 4,000 women and men in four countries.

Join our team now and you will have the opportunity to work in an open and challenging environment where your opinions will be valued and your talents and skills will be developed and rewarded.

As employment regulations and selections are different in the concerned countries, do not hesitate to contact directly the Human Resources department for more information.

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